Flair & Care

Automatic Vending Machine

Flair N Care has created a product that helps in solving the issue of lack of sanitary pads for women who are in places having no sanitary pad facilities. Furthermore, modern day innovations have given birth to IoT-based fully automatic Sanitary Napkin dispenser.

Flair N Care is one such brand that stands out by providing a simple coin operated machine with the sole purpose of helping women at organizations during menstrual emergencies.

Mask Vending Machine

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this automated face mask vending machine will ensure your face mask is always by your side. Perfect for busy, commercial areas and places of congregation where there is a good chance of interacting with a large number of people, Flair N Care Face Mask Vending offer trendy yet extremely durable cotton face masks that come in easy to use boxes! Connected to an IoT device, the Flair N Care Face Mask Vending box is programmable to dispense 100% hygienic face masks every time you put in money or swipe your card.

Burning Incinerator

Cloth diapers and feminine hygiene products are a significant source of plastic waste that cannot be recycled because they are treated very differently than the rest of the plastic in our trash. Because of this, these items are the most dangerous type of trash to be left lying on the side of a highway or other area where people may trip over them. Incinerators such as this one with an operating temperature of 850 degrees Celsius efficiently destroy diapers and pads without generating any sort of foul odor or smoke.

Bio Medical Waste Incinerator ( Smoke less)

The biomedical industry relies heavily on healthcare waste management to ensure that they keep their facilities safe. There are strict regulations on these waste products, all of which are necessary to ensure that the industry is scrupulously clean, so as to prevent the spread of disease, Biomedical waste is incinerated in either a hospital incinerator or through industry standard biomedical waste incinerators. These are complex machines that were designed to effectively and responsibly dispose of these materials in a manner that would prevent any spread of disease. This machine are designed in a such manner it extracts less smoke to the air.

Bio Medical Waste Incinerator

The three main ways to dispose of bio waste are to incinerate it, to bury it or to sterilize it in a medical autoclave. The most common and effective way is to incinerate waste in an industrial biomedical waste incinerator, which was designed specifically for this purpose. These specialized machines prevent any disease or infection from spreading by heating the waste at temperatures close to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, completely eliminating all bacteria and viruses.