11 essential remedies which reduce period pains or menstrual cramps

Getting cramps during periods becomes verse sometimes, as it becomes difficult to bear that pain. These menstrual cramps or period pains are so severe that some women and girls may experience nausea, vomiting, headaches or diarrhea as well.

This periods pain is caused due to contraction of the uterus, which is a part of the menstrual cycle.

Level of prostaglandins in the inner lining of the uterus increases. This leads to severe pain called menstrual cramps or period pains and women feel uncomfortable.

Well, we have a perfect plan to reduce this pain of periods.
You just need to follow these 11 simple remedies which can help you in reducing menstrual cramp or periods of pain.

1 . Avoid caffeine or salty food
It is good to avoid a certain type of food that causes bloating and discomfort.

Food and drink contain caffeine cause menstrual pain due to contraction of the uterus. Instead of that, you can prefer some natural herbal teas containing ginger, mint etc

Eating fatty food containing salts can increase tension in the uterus muscles. So avoid eating fatty food as well.

2 . Eat healthy and rich foodstuff
Eat magnesium and zinc-rich foodstuff. Take supplements that contain these elements. Almonds are magnesium-rich, so four Almonds a day is beneficial. Intake food that is calcium-rich and supplements which contains Vitamin B12, C, D, E.

3 . Stay hydrated
Bloating may cause discomfort which may lead to diarrhoea. Drinking more water can alleviate this bloating and can reduce menstrual pain to some extent.Drinking hot water helps in the easy flow of blood in our body which may reduce bloating and will give relief from period pain.

By staying hydrated it will help you in more urination which in turn, it will relax of uterus muscles.

4 . Use Massage Therapy
Massage therapy will help you in relaxing the uterus.
Apply the massage therapy to the Abdominal Area.
Use oil with essential relaxing nutrients and fragrance which can keep you calm.
Massage therapy for up to 20 minutes is necessary to reduce menstrual pain.

5 . Intake OTC (over the counter) pain reliever
OTC reduces the secretion of hormone release name Prostaglandin and Estrogen.
It will also help you in reducing oral contraception and cut the inflammation and will gradually help in reducing pain. Before any medication, consult with your gynecologist first.

6 . Do exercise or yoga
Exercise regularly because it will help in purifying your blood and helps in the relaxation of your muscles. Doing yoga is a good practice especially doing more abdominal workouts or yoga exercise will help you in reducing period pains.

7 . Apply heat to the abdominal portion
Applying heat to the abdominal portion by using heat patches will help in relaxing the pelvic muscle and will give relief from pain.
By taking a bath for at least 15 minutes in the bathtub will help to relax the swollen part and relax the menstrual pain.

8 . Intake hormonal birth control pills
Taking birth control pills will give relief from the period pain if the pain is caused due to the hormonal change.
It will reduce the level of progesterone and estrogen and will reduce swelling of the inner lining of the uterus. Don’t prefer any medication without consulting with your gynecologist.

9 . Try Acupuncture
Apply acupuncture over the abdominal areas where you have more pain. Lightly pressing the abdominal area with four fingertips will help in relaxing the abdominal muscles.

10 . Reduce Stress
Due to cramps, the person goes under anxiety or stress. Daily do stress relaxing exercises such as meditation and deep breathing. Keep yourself busy or think about what you want to achieve to get relief from pain.

11 . Make use of Sanitary pads
Using napkins or any dirty cloth may lead to dangerous infection so it's better to use sanitary pads which will give comfort and ease.

Using sanitary pads will also give relief from menstrual pain as well.

The sanitary pads of Flair & Care are easy to use and will provide utmost comfort.

By applying all such remedies will help women to reduce menstrual pain or period pain.Till then Stay safe and Stay Sanitary using Flair & Care Sanitary pads.


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